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I was born in a landlocked county in the English Midlands. It was not until I came to live in Dorset that I had a chance to experience the sea in all its many moods. I fell instantly in love. Since then my work has been a constant quest to capture the beauty of the sea along Dorset's Jurrasic coast in clay and fire.

My pottery mostly features pooled glazes. These glazes are sometimes called glazes on the edge.  This is because they are inherently unstable, their beautiful effects resulting from them running down the surface of the pot.  Often they pool in the bottoms of bowls  and other receptacles.

Traditionally pooled glazes were thought to be of limited use because they are very difficult to control on vertical surfaces.  I have experimented with my glazes in various combinations until I now know (most of the time) how to judge their application just right. The result then is a variegated glaze in vibrant colours that radiates a confident  and unmistakable quality.

Click here to download a larger version of the poster below.

Tile Poster

Sometimes a pot will have a few small globules of glaze intruding onto the foot ring.  This is inevitable using pooled glazes on vertical surfaces.  If I feel these are too intrusive I grind them back but often I just leave them as signs of a process frozen in time.  I regard them as marks of a noble birth.  They never detract from the integrity or the beauty of the piece.

I can mix and match most shapes; glazes and textures shown on my website to suit your needs. Obviously, when dealing with glazes that rely to some extent on the effects of fire; form and gravity, matching will never be identical. Each piece I make is unique. Nontheless I give my glazes names and each always bears a family resemblence to the others in the group. Click on Glaze & Texture Choices above for details.

Click here to download a copy of my "Purbeck Traveller". It is a condition of download that you do not edit this file or copy any of its content without my written permission. Enjoy.

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