Richness & Movement

I aim to produce pottery that is organic, finely balanced in form and enhanced by glazes of depth, richness and movement. I aspire to reflect the colours and flow of sea and sky along the Dorset coast in Glaze Texturepottery to be treasured.

My work has been bought by collectors from far and wide, and is influenced by art and culture ranging from Russian to Ancient American, from Art Nouveau to Hans Coper and Lucie Rie. 

Whether the piece is a small vase or bowl, or a complex wall hanging or water feature, all are made with care, skill and an eye for detail.

My pottery mostly features pooled glazes. These are inherently unstable, but it is this very fluidity that gives a sea-like depth and movement over the surface of the pot; its light and shade, and its wild nature. When their application is judged just right the result is a variegated glaze in vibrant colours that radiates a confident  and unmistakable quality.

Sometimes however the glaze flows further than intended over or beyond the foot. If this seems to me intrusive I grind it away, but if the shape, frozen as the firing cools, enhances the character of the piece I feel the it reflects its unique quality. Every piece has its own character and form and glazes are designed to work together.

My work is both slab built and thrown. All thrown pots have a turned foot.

If you are visiting Dorset download a copy of my “Purbeck Traveller“. It is a condition of download that you do not edit this file or copy any of its content without my written permission. Enjoy.